Scarlett Mills Park - (Humber River)

 In Toronto's west end about half-way between the Queensway and Hwy 401, there are a string of parks and trails to explore heading northwest from Eglinton Avenue west to Steeles West.

The first one located on the west bank of the Humber River is Scarlett Mills Park.  It's only about .9 miles long but it's got lots of nice little secret paths off the main trails.   Under a neat little cove surrounded by trees are clean and clear openings to the river, you can sit back and relax and try your luck on a line or two in the water or just enjoy the peace from the busy city.

Was funny to see an old black couch which has been meticulously placed by the river bank.  It looked a little worn, and probably used by many a ponderer or fisherman.  

Historically, the Scarlett family were early settlers in the area north of Lambton Mills where numerous members of the Scarlett family made it their home.  Father John Scarlett owned a sawmill and a distillery.  

Most of the Scarletts' estate is used today as a Golf and Country Club (Lambton Gold and Country Club).  

Another historical fact is that after the notorious Hurricane Hazel in 1954, many sources had contributed their time and money to restore the land and lives destroyed by this event to form the Scarlett Mills Park.


Further Notes:
The park can be entered by vehicle from Edenbridge Drive.  It is also accessible by TTC.  A special note to cyclists you can travel through the park along the Tommy Thompson Trail.