Summerlea Park Trail

After the devastation of Hurricane Hazel in the 1950's Summerlea Park was one of the numerous conservation areas that was preserved afterwards.  In the north end of the park, Summerlea connects to St. Lucie Park and to the south Pine Point Park.   

Located in the west end of Toronto (bordering beautiful Etobicoke) Summerlea is used often by local wedding photographers, with its lush forests and accommodates a large party with its expanse of parkland.  

As a trail it's moderately flat making it very suitable for jogging (I don't do), walking, blading (weak ankles) and cycling.  The trail connects to the Humber River Recreation Trail (Pine Point or otherwise known as 'The Elms'). 

Like the Old Mill Park, we found some peaceful urban spots here as well.  Be warned, the ducks and geese live in a large pond nearby driving me crazy with their noises!  
One curious sight I did see, was this sort of inverted basketball net stuck in the middle of the crowd.  It wasn't long before a frisbee just missed my ear and apologies soon followed from two burly men who were obviously involved in some kind of competitive game.  I asked them what sport this was to which they replied,"frisbee golf" or disc golf.