Ukrainian Canadian Memorial Park

North of Eglinton Avenue and East of Scarlett Road you will enter into a beautiful Toronto park that is dedicated to the Canadians of Ukrainian origin who served in the Military.

You'll know you are in the right place when you see a monument dedicated in honour of them at the entrance of the trail.  The epitaph is etched in Ukraine adorned with floral wreaths at the base.  

As you walk (or jog, or ride your bike) down the winding trail you'll get some brief relief in a shaded woodland which has its own little waterfall.  It's really more of a watershed, but we climbed down to take a shot anyways, never missing an opportunity to photo shoot a waterfall.

Surrounded by trees and street graffiti, this was a photo waiting to happen.  Climbed up to continue the trail through the park heading north.  Several winding trails cutting through fields of green, perfect for picnics and kite flying.  

Another waterfall drop, just a few metres ahead which is one of many along the Humber River.  Plenty of geese flock together rushing for the water as I zoom in to listen in on their daily chatter.

The Ukrainians have a rich culture in Toronto, as do many other heritages here.  There is a Ukrainian Cultural Centre located in Toronto on Christie Street which is the hosts of many of their events.  The "Christie" as is dubbed is a particular area in Toronto that is the heart of the Ukrainian community bringing together people with a common culture to share important ideas and keep their heritage alive.  
Carrying on further north along the Humber are some historical news up ahead on my next post.