Vista Trail (Rouge Valley CA)

 Vista Trail is one of a series of 8 hiking trails in the Rouge Valley Conservation Area (Cedar and Orchard Trails are 2 more explored previously -see this blog).

As you can see from the pictures, this trail is a great work out, with lots of steps and steep footpaths covering 1.5km one way.

I had some issues before starting this trail today because of the weather.  I expected it to be a lot sunnier and warmer than it started out, but by the time we started moving on the trail, my body temperature started rising and my spirits lifted.  That's the funny thing about being out for walks in the woods, it always make one feel like the weight of their problems become lighter.  Maybe its the adrenaline rush, or the fresh air, or nothing more than the beauty of nature but whatever it is it works.

There was the familiar posting of 'watch out for coyotes' in this area.  I've seen it all over the trails in the GTA and Hamilton this year, and don't think this was typical every year.  If you look at this link, it shows that these carnivores are not new to the urban life and it's possible this trend my someday affect even larger carnivores.  This shouldn't be too much of a shock to us, as our population grows and continues to move outwards breaking into deeper rural areas; We are moving into their territories forcing animals out of their natural habitats.  The outcome of this leaves predators with less food and smaller habitat areas.

The Vista Trail begins The Pearse House .  This is located in the north close to the Metropolitan Toronto Zoo (see blog) and will follow you down to Twyn Rivers Drive in the south end of the trail.   You won't believe the panoramic views from the top of the bluffs looking down at the Little Rouge Creek and Rouge River Valleys.

There are a few interesting sites along the Vista Trail.  One is the overhanging tree which has bent over almost in a horizontal position for years, and has refused to fall into the bluffs below.  You will also notice a bi-level wooden platform that will gives you some awe-inspiring views looking east across the valley.

Abundant plant and animal life here in the rouge valley.  There are some very steep grades as you continue through the trail so be sure to use caution as there are deep drops.  For a 1.5 km walk you will not be disappointed and with so many other trails in the same area, you can easily spend a day hiking here in the Rouge Valley.