High Park Toronto

After three weeks of healing a broken foot it was really an amazing feeling to toss aside my aircast boot (my frankenboot) and to squeeze into a running shoe again to get back on to the trails. I actually opted for the air boot over a plaster cast for comfort and convenience. It's great when you need to take it off for sleeping or before bathing. It's been really difficult without having the agility to move around and explore the parks and trails I love so much, and my camera had to have the dust blown off it as well. But today was a great day to try an easier trail before all the fall colours were gone.

High Park is centrally located in Toronto has 338 acres of some of the most beautiful settings anywhere. It has such an unusual sense of wilderness in an urban setting as it combines the forests with watershed creeks and contains the largest pond in the City (Grenadier). It's also protected and has the only area of Black Oak Savannah trees within the city. Trails here are hard pressed and some are paved so its a good choice for a virgin outing without the cast.

As it turns out, I may have been a little too enthusiastic, so was unable to finish but still took a few pictures to add to my collection. A dose of Vitamin D from the sun didn't hurt either!

Here are a few of the shots I took today.