Upper Bluffers Park

There is nothing prettier than the sun after the rain.  These pictures were taken from the Upper Bluffers Park trail which I never knew existed.   Getting here is really simple and you certainly don't have to climb the escarpment to do it. The most common way into Bluffers Park is to drive into the valley via Brimley Road S off of Kingston Road.   

But what I didn't realize is by doing that you are missing some really lovely trail paths above the bluffs that can be seen by using footpaths along Fishleigh Drive (off of Danforth Avenue).  These paths encircle the Upper Bluffers Park area  between Scarboro Crescent and Brimley Road S.  
Once you are up here you have amazing vista vantage points for pictures or some solitary time as you can clearly see.
Probably the most spectacular park along the Bluffs in my opinion is in the 'Cathedral Park, just east of here.  
Hopefully this much needed rain will wash away some humidity in the air and hopefully see some fresher waters moving into the rivers as well.

For more on Scarborough Bluffs see this blog.

Happy Trails!