The Cheltenham Badlands

Well I wanted to find some interesting geographical pictures, while feeling like I wanted to see something different while trail blazing.

This certainly did the trick, and it's located right here in Ontario so no need to look way out west in Alberta for our version of the Badlands.

These are called the Cheltenham Badlands and I think you'll agree its a very mars-like and bizarre sight, with its' barren and windswept red hills and gullies which are so very similar to our western friends.  This area is hidden in the valleys and peaks of Caledon Hills.

If you are wondering what makes the Queenston Shale ground so red, it's caused by iron oxide, while the narrow greenish bands show us where the groundwater has transformed the rock from red to green iron oxide.

The real cause behind it just isn't science, this phenomenon was created by poor farming practices over 80 years ago sometime during the 1930's which caused overgrazing of the land, and the result as you can see is the exposure of the Queenston Shale that supports little or no vegetation at all.

If you are inclined to come here with your camera, don't do after a rainfall or when the ground appears soft.  It spans a vast area, although I found the best location to get the easiest and quickest access is along Old Base Line Road, just east of Creditview Road.

You'll notice some parked cars along the side of the road with eager visitors stopping by for a peak.