Allan Gardens Park

Allan Gardens is another beautiful reminder of the Victorian Era.  Founded in 1858, it is one of the oldest parks in Toronto and features a children’s conservatory, a playground and the main greenhouse (conservatory) which houses rare tropical plants from all over the world.

In total there are 5 greenhouses covering 16,000 square feet.  They include two tropical houses containing a waterwheel, orchids, bromeliads and datura.  Incredibly humid inside, the windows drip with moisture, but as you pass through the exit doors you enter into the “Cool House” featuring a waterfall, a little pond with goldfish and citrus trees. 

The “Palm House” is my favorite, housing plants I’ve never seen up close such as tall banana trees, bamboo and Screw pine.  Finally the Cactus house has some lovely arrangements of cacti and succulents, such as aloe.   
Allan Gardens is open every day of the year and is free.  It’s also an ideal location for field trips in Photography class as there are so many great photo opportunities to hone your skills and perhaps learn some new ones. 

Located at 19 Horticultural Avenue in Toronto (corner of Jarvis and Carlton Avenues).  It's amazing you can live in a city all your life, and I'm still seeing things for the first time.