Pine Point Park (in 'The Elms' Recreational Community)

In the western part of the Humber River Valley lives a Community known as the 'The Elms'.   In it you will find a whole host of things to do and see.  Included in the 5.5 km trail is a Recreational Park called Pine Point.  It is a long linear park is that is visible of of Highway 401 and Weston Avenue, and encompasses the southern boundary of this neighbourhood.

Pine Point is a multi-use recreational park which includes as you can see here an expansive and popular soccer field and used often for regular lacrosse practice.  I was stunned when I heard that up before 1994 Canada's national sport was lacrosse.
  Well, since 1994 they added hockey to the mix, which makes more sense to me.

On top of the hill is an indoor Arena which is the home of the Etobicoke Hockey League, a figure skating club and a Ball Hockey club.  As well, there is the Pine Point tennis cub with 4 clay surface courts.

Next to the Arena is the Pine Point Banquet Hall which hosts a variety of social, cultural, and business events. But the best is, in addition to this park is the beginning of a 1.7 kilometre paved trail with bridges across the Humber River and nearby Berry Creek.  Berry Creek runs through the centre of this neighbourhood and serves as a watershed of the Humber River Valley.